GMOs are in more than food

I’m reeling from all the latest GMO news, why is it other countries are banning Monsanto products and we keep giving them more permission? ¬†I’m not going to get into a political rant, it’s too early and if I do it’ll set me off for the day. Ugh.

So now it seems that GMOs are in more than just food. Seriously? ¬†Unfortunately it’s true.

Here’s an article from The Free Thought Project dot com called “5 Ways You Are Exposed to GMOs Without Eating Them.”

I avoid GMOs as much as possible, I do not believe they are safe for humans as they cause serious health problems in test animals. Test animals are similar enough to us that they use them for our safety, too bad they aren’t as concerned about the results here as other countries are.

Keep yourself safer, shop at farmer’s markets and ask about the food, they have to tell you the truth. Many use organic farming practices but can’t afford to get their farm certified.

Now, go and throw out your hand sanitizer, that stuff is really bad news even without GMOs.

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