What’s grosser than gross? (#3 of a series)

If you eat at fast food places you probably think the drinks are safe.

Well guess what? You may want to think again. It turns out the ice in those drinks is really nasty, you can read all about it in an article called “Study Finds That Fast Food Ice Is Dirtier Than Toilet Water.”

Written by Natural Cures not Medicine dot com, this is one freaky piece. See the quote below from the article that explains it all.

“The study was carried out in restaurants in the UK, but similar results can be expected all over the world because the issue relates not to the water used but to the bacterial growth in the ice machines and/or workers’ lack of hygiene.”

This notice is serious for children, the elderly or anyone with a compromised immune system, make sure to either order soft drinks with no ice or just get some water, it’ll be cleaner than the ice.

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