Easy detox from GMO’s

There is lots of concrete, scientific evidence coming out that GMO’s are harmful. For example, lab rats are having liver issues after being fed GMO’s. It’s starting to come out that GMO’s cause liver issues in people as well, I don’t trust them and never have, I think the less we eat of it the better.

There’s some good news though, we can get rid of the toxins through diet. ¬†Underground Health dot com has written a piece about it, The article is called “Use These Five Natural Substances to Detox Your Body of Toxic GMO Foods.”¬†Written by Jonathan Benson, this article is filled with great information.

GMO’s are everywhere and it’s up to us to research which companies use them, it’s worth a few minutes to find out what foods are safe to eat. When in doubt, shop at farmer’s markets and ask them about their practices, they have to tell you the truth and most don’t use GMO’s. This is serious stuff people, take care of yourselves.

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