What’s in your bev?

I got a drink at a health food store I don’t usually go to, I didn’t have my glasses on and was horribly thirsty so I grabbed what I thought was a bottle of water.

I was wrong.

What I really got was a bottle of with tons of ¬†artificial colors and flavors and one of the most unhealthy sweeteners around. Basically, I bought liquid candy. ¬†It’s totally my fault, I should’ve taken the minute to grab my specs but I was too thirsty to care and it looked like water before I opened it. Then, it turned bright pink (thanks to ingredients hidden in the cap) and tasted like melted cherry Jello. It was far too sweet and the only reason I drank it was because I was really thirsty and had no idea what I bought.

What is this crap doing in a health food store? It’s liquid candy… I don’t care that it’s got vitamins, the price was too low to be using quality ingredients or supplements. It was junk posing as healthy which makes me really nuts.

Just because it’s in a health food store doesn’t mean it’s good for you, the drink I got had no calories but enough chemicals (and artificial colors) to make a pretty cool science experiment, not a beverage.

I hate the new trend of “healthy junk food” that seems to be what is taking over health food stores. It may be better for you than commercial products (It may not be, you’ve got to check the label to be sure of that) but it’s still not food. What’s wrong with a piece of fruit or some nuts? Do you really need “healthy” fried stuff?

When you buy drinks, really look at what’s in it, these days it could be loaded with guarana (a caffeine-type stimulant) caffeine, sugar, fake bad sweeteners, chemicals, artificial colors and flavors and lots of other gross stuff. I’ve learned my lesson and carry my water bottle around religiously now, no need to drink that crap ever again.

What’s in your drink? You may want to read the label just to make sure.


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