For your pets: It’s that time of year again, 8 tips

Summer is here and that means a few things if you have pets, take a look at this list of handy reminders to keep your guys safe in the heat.

  1. Do not leave your pet in the car. Not for 5 minutes, not at all. It’s now legal in many states to break an animal out of a hot car, so if you do, don’t be shocked if you come back to a broken window and a missing pet.
  2. Do not leave your dog tied outside of businesses while you run in, people steal pets all the time and this is the easiest way to get one.
  3. Do not give your pets ice water, cool is good enough. Sometimes ice water can lead to bloat, so play it safe and serve it at room temp. Have lots available and rinse out the bowls daily.
  4. Long-haired pets? Make sure to brush them daily, ┬átheir winter coat has to get out or their cooling system won’t work as well. Also, if you have dogs that are made for cold weather (i.e. Huskys, Newfoundlands, St. Bernards, German Shepards, Great Pyreneese, etc.) leave them inside with the A.C. on when it’s over 80 degrees. They’re designed for freezing conditions, not Miami beach. Brush your cats too.
  5. Check the pavement before you take Fido for a walk, if it’s too hot for you to walk barefoot it’s not much better for your dog. Try to walk not at the hottest parts of the day or if you can, wet down the pavement before they go out to cool it off.
  6. Some pets need sunscreen, especially white ones. Dogs, horses and other mammals can get sunburnt and it’s as uncomfortable for them as it is for us. Keep them out of direct sun and put sunscreen on their ears, nose, belly and other spots where the skin is pink if you’re going to be out for a few hours.
  7. Like to hike? Check for ticks whenever your pet comes in from being somewhere with grass or shrubbery, especially a field. Ticks are rampant and Lyme is expensive and no fun. Don’t kid yourself that you’re safe if you’re in a city, ticks are now everywhere.
  8. Pets freak out on the 4th of July? Keep them at home, safe from the mayhem. You can also get them some Rescue Remedy to help alleviate their fears, it’s good stuff, works for people too.


Our pets are like family, let’s help to keep them safe this summer.

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