Got anxiety? 6 tips

  1. Anxiety is awful and many people deal with it on a daily basis, there are things you can eat to chill you out and help it from starting.

  1. First off, eat more greens. Seriously. Have some greens at least twice a day, I’m talking kale, broccoli, cabbage, celery, etc, not baby or iceberg lettuce. Green smoothies are great & they count.
  2. Cut down on sugar and processed foods, they get us all riled up over nothing.
  3. Drink more water and end your soda (or diet soda) addiction once and for all.
  4. Are you going to bed consistently around the same time? Aim for a bedtime and stick to it. Lack of sleep makes anxiety that much worse.
  5. Get some exercise. Nothing helps to get rid of that awful feeling like some exercise, it helps to get that extra energy out of your body.
  6. Talk to a friend or get a hug, that always helps tremendously.
  7. Write out your fears and stresses in a journal, that way you get them out of your head.

Anxiety is no joke but instead of getting on addictive pills, try this first. I find that junk food really spurs on mine and greens bring me right back down really quickly.

Our food is closely linked to our moods, make your more consistent by eating real, clean food.


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