Coconut oil & teeth update

OK, so it’s only been a few days but I’m seeing a crazy difference in my teeth already. I have been brushing my teeth and swishing with coconut oil for about a week now and I think I may never buy toothpaste again.

Here’s the story: I ran out of toothpaste and decided to try coconut oil. There’s tons of articles about oil pulling with coconut oil (that’s when you take about a tablespoon and swish it around your mouth for at least a few minutes, some people can do it for 20,) so I figured what’s the harm?

I’m so glad I started. My teeth look great, my gums are pink and healthy and my mouth feels clean for a really long time. Coconut oil is anti-viral, anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial, it’s also edible so there’s no reason to worry. ┬áIf you’re oil pulling or swishing, make sure NOT to swallow the oil, spit it out after you’re done.

Sounds great? It is. If you want to try it, make sure to only use cold-pressed, unrefined organic coconut oil, normally it’s refined by heat which changes the properties. Basically, I dip my toothbrush into some oil, brush and add oil when needed. It’s easy, tastes great and seems to be really effective in removing stains, plaque and other nasty teeth issues.

I’ve heard oil swishing can heal cavities, but that’s an experiment for another day. Enjoy!


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