What to drink?

I’ve been seeing lots of new juices on the market, many that cost up to $10 for a single serving, I’m not impressed.

Sure, many are far better than soda or artificial garbage, but many contain artificial garbage, keep reading your labels.

I bought a bottled juice yesterday, 10 ounces cost me $7.99. I never do this but wanted to try it out. The juice was cold-pressed, (better than traditional methods) which is part of why it’s so expensive. Here’s the thing- It was going bad already.

Watermelon (and other fruit juices) aren’t carbonated and shouldn’t taste like they are. If that’s the case, fermentation has started and it’s changing the structure of the juice. It’s not something I want to drink, especially at that price.

If you want to drink juice for health benefits, juice it yourself or get one made for you and drink it down within 10 minutes to get the maximum potency for  the nutrients. Did you know that if you wait more than 10 minutes to drink fresh-squeezed orange juice many of the vitamins and minerals have lost some of their potency?

If I’m spending 8 bucks on a drink it’s not going to be a packaged beverage, at that price fresh is best. Better yet, I can make it at home for less than half the price. No need for a juicer, I blend my fruit with a little water. I like getting the fiber, it helps to fill me up.

Be aware of what you’re drinking. When it comes to juice, more expensive doesn’t mean fresher or better for you. At that price, go for a custom made smoothie at a good spot that uses real, fresh ingredients.  It’ll be far tastier, more nutritious and actually fill you up for a bit.

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