Farmer’s market tips

I love shopping at farmer’s markets for lots of reasons:

  1. The produce is far fresher than any supermarket and lasts longer because of it.
  2. Your money is going directly to the farmers so they can make more than dealing with a middle man.
  3. Since the farmers are there, you can discuss their farming practices. Many farmers grow organically but can’t afford the certification, others use minimum pesticides. Curious? Just ask, they’ve got to tell you the truth.
  4. Farmer’s markets have an awesome selection, often they’ve got stuff that’s hard to find or heirloom varieties, all good for us and the planet.
  5. I love shopping outside, beats freezing my ass off in the frozen food section.

I found an article from Nourished Kitchen dot com on this subject, it’s called “Getting the Most From Your Market: 10 Tips From a Farmer’s Market Manager.”¬† It’s great, full of many ideas that you may not have thought of. These tips will make your experience even better.

If you’re not a farmer’s market shopper, do some research and find one near you. They’re always worth checking out and many times the prices are far better than in your supermarket. ¬†Also, you can’t beat farmer’s market tomatoes.

Help out our planet and the farmers that feed us, they do better things for the soil than giant conglomerates do.

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