Cleaning tips with Coke

I found an article online that said Coca Cola can clean your toilet just by pouring in a can & letting it sit for awhile. I tried it and it works, so I tried something else.

My bathroom is pretty gross, there’s no ventilation so mildew and mold takes hold pretty quickly. The grout is a light yellow after a good scrubbing, I’d use bleach or some of those heavy-duty cleaners if it wasn’t so toxic and the fumes didn’t make me feel like crap, also if it didn’t poison everything, so I’m stuck with non-toxic products that work but require lots of scrubbing.

After the toilet was so successful, I thought, “what the hell, it’s worth a try” and sprayed Coke on the tile walls. I let it sit for a few minutes and then started scrubbing, WOW!!!! IT REALLY WORKED!!!

My tile and grout look fantastic!

That got me thinking, do you really want to ingest something that can strip mold and mildew off of walls? How healthy could this possibly be?

We know sodas are junk food and that they’re not good for us, but after doing this experiment I can’t ever imagine wanting to drink it. Personally, to quote Bloom County, I think it tastes like “malted battery acid,” but that’s just me.

Using Coke as a cleaner can be expensive, I just wanted to share something scary things it can do.

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