GMOs, the real story

I am constantly researching GMO’s and it really gets to me when people argue with me that they are safe. This usually comes from people who have no idea, don’t care, or the selling of GMO’s somehow benefits them.

Fact of the matter is I am constantly finding hard evidence that GMO’s aren’t all they were promised to be, it’s not the easiest to find in this country, but check out the research from countries that have banned them.

Want to see what’s really going on? Check out this article from The Organic Pepper dot ca, there’s loads of evidence that GMO’s are bad news. The article was written by Daisy Luther, she really did her homework on this.

Nowadays research is at the tips of our fingers. If you find sites that say GMO’s are safe, take a minute to find out who runs the site, you may be in for a big surprise.

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