Welcome, autumn! 5 tips

Well it looks like autumn is here, here’s a few tips to keep you healthy.

  1.  Keep drinking lots of water-  As it cools down people think they’re not as thirsty. With all the dry heat turning on, we actually still need loads of water. Half your weight in ounces is your daily dose.
  2. Eat your apples- Apples help to take the heat out of our bodies from the summer and prepare us for the cooler months. Buy organic or from your farmer’s market. Go for at least one a day.
  3. Get enough sleep- Sleep is always way important, and as it’s getting darker earlier it’s easier to go to bed earlier. Experts recommend hitting the sack by 10pm, before midnight is best.
  4. See all those sexy squash in the market? Buy and eat them- Squash is filled with vitamins, minerals and fiber, perfect to get our immune systems up to par. Plus, they’re really tasty and easy to cook.
  5. Add onions for lung health- Respiratory issues come with the cold so up your onion ante, they clean out your lungs and the sulfur keeps you strong and looking young.

This is one of my favorite times of the year, keep yourself healthy and happy by doing these easy things.

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