Laryngitis? Try this

I know a few people who have totally lost their voices this past week,  besides sounding awful, they’ve got no other symptoms.

Here’s a tea you can make that will help, I’m not promising any miracles but it will make a difference. Make this when you first feel the hoarseness and scratchy throat coming on and stick with it until it’s over. If you’ve totally lost your voice before you start this, do it anyway, it’ll give you some relief.

You’ll need-

  • About a half teaspoon of dried turmeric, if you can fresh, peel and grate a piece about the size of your thumb to the first joint.
  • Some excellent, raw honey for flavor
  • 1/2 of a lemon, juiced.
  • Boiling water, let it cool for about 2-5 minutes before pouring.


Just take all of it and put in your favorite mug and sip until it’s gone. Do this a few times a day and your throat will be better faster.

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