Don’t cook? No sweat!

The easiest way to get healthier is to cook your own meals from scratch, that way you know exactly what’s in it and there’s no nasty chemicals, flavorings or preservatives.

Thing is, many people don’t cook at all. If you live in a city like New York, it’s easy to buy every meal and many of us do just that but whoa, it’s expensive and adds up really quickly unless you’re living on pizza and hot water dogs.

Here’s the good news- Eat Local Grown dot com has come up with a list called “99 Healthy Meals and Snacks for People Who Can’t Cook.” I like this list and the items on it are available almost everywhere in decent supermarkets.

This list also has some great options if you bring your lunch to work or are very active, some of these don’t require refrigeration and can hang out in your bag until you need them.

Try not buying any prepared food for a week, it’s a little work but you’ll feel way better and have more energy (not to mention your wallet will be fuller.) Sounds great to me! Thanks Eat Local Grown!

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