For your pets: Are they acting off? Take them to the vet

As we all know, pets get sick too. When they do, they need to go to the vet. Many people try to avoid going as a typical vet visit can be expensive, but waiting may only make things far worse.

I’ve never understood why people think vets should be cheap. They are doctors who went to Veterinary school and their machinery and drugs aren’t less expensive than ones used on humans. In my opinion, I think vets deserve more credit than human doctors, it’s not like Kitty can describe her symptoms or point out where it hurts.

Pets (especially cats, reptiles and rodents) tend to hide their symptoms, so if something seems wrong it many be a good idea to make an appointment for your pet.

When I worked at a vet office, there were countless people who brought in their pets after they had been sick for weeks. The poor animals were miserable and treatments were more aggressive and expensive than if they had brought them sooner.

Our animals are part of the family and deserve to be cared for when ill, (not taking a sick pet to the vet is considered neglect and abuse in some cases.) Do your part and help them heal.

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