A note for the ladies

I’m working a Holiday market selling clothes and I’ve got to tell you, I’m really sad at what I’m observing. The clothing is pretty amazing, it changes into various pieces, from a skirt to a fancy dress and lots in between.

The reason I’m sad is the amount of body dysmorphia I’m seeing, there is a huge amount of women out there that either think they are far larger than they are or they have no idea what their body actually looks like.

I’m also experiencing women younger than me claiming they’re “too old” to wear something, to that I say bullshit (within reason). I say if you look great in it and it makes you feel good, go for it!

Here’s my job for you today: Get yourself naked or in your undies and take a good, long look at yourself in a full-length mirror. Now, I want you to ignore your flaws (we all have them) and instead, focus on the things you like.  I don’t care what they are, find at least 3 body parts to admire and appreciate.

Our bodies are everything, without them we’re pretty screwed. Take care of yours and love it, perfection isn’t the goal, acceptance is.

Men don’t have this problem, they are far more forgiving about their bodies than we are, we need to start thinking more like men. Confidence is what makes people sexy and gorgeous, you don’t have to look like Kate Upton to be a hottie, you can be sexy and gorgeous at any age.

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