How we cook it really matters

When I was in school, we talked a lot about how cooking affects food. Raw fans believe any heat over 111 degrees will remove most of the food’s life source and energy, I know that cooking foods different ways really changes the way we digest and process them.

For example, I love steamed broccoli, it’s tasty and digests easily for me. Whenever I roast broccoli it makes me so gassy it’s almost painful. It tastes great, it’s just not the best way to prepare it for my body.

Paying attention to what our body likes and doesn’t makes it easier to eat and feel good after. Everyone’s body is different so what may not work for me may be fine for you. A good rule of thumb is if you’re preparing something a new way, make a small amount. You don’t want tons of leftovers that could make you feel miserable.

I’m all for trying now foods and new cooking methods on them, sometimes you get something great, other times you learn a lesson.

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