It’s Giving Tuesday!

Today is the day to donate to your favorite charity.  I love giving Tuesday, it feels great to donate to an organization that is doing great things than spending cash on yet another ugly holiday sweater.

There are things I’d love to have but frankly, having a donation made in my name is a far cooler gift. I’ve basically got everything I need and helping out a non-profit makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You know those people that have everything? They’re the perfect recipients of a donation made in their name, it’s always the right color and size.

There are quite a few non-profits I’ve interviewed on Animal Instinct, they’re fantastic and could use every cent to help keep their mission going, You can check out their interviews on the Animal Instinct page or the episode page on this site.

  1. Heritage Radio Network- Known as the NPR of food and also Animal Instinct’s home. A fantastic station with wonderful people, if you like food or animals, this is a no-brainer.
  2. Apopo dot org- These guys are amazing! They train rats to sniff out landlines and Tuberculosis, they’ve cleared huge sections of Africa and are going to Asia and other war-torn countries.
  3. Bat World dot org- We need bats and this organization does everything they can to educate and help save bats. Did you know they pollinate a ton of our food and eat millions of mosquitos? They’re good and we need to help them.
  4. Big Cat Rescue dot org- Check out their site to see what they do, they’re awesome and fighting the fight to keep wild cats safe.
  5. The Wolf Conservation Center dot org-  We also need wolves, they’re important for our environment.
  6. Vafa Shelter dot com- This is the first rescue in Iran, they work tirelessly to educate and to help the countless strays in their country.


When donating to non-profits, here’s a few of my rules:

  • Small organizations need the money more than the huge ones and they appreciate it more.
  • I find out how much staff & CEO make, if they’re making tons, I go elsewhere. I want my cash to help the cause, not pay for the CEO’s trip to Monaco.
  • I do not donate to organizations that have heavy ad campaigns (except for donating coats to NY Cares, it’s seasonal so they need to remind everyone).

Did you know making a donation makes you feel good? It’s actually scientifically proven. Everyone could use a little help now and then, make yourself and a lot of other people happy by donating whatever you can to any non-profit out there. Thanks!

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