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Here’s a suggestion for a better day

Here’s a tip to make your day instantly better and it’ll only take you a few seconds to do.

How to buy good sheets

This is a health and wellness site, what does that have to do with buying sheets?

Today, the history of the dog on Animal Instinct!

I am totally excited about today’s show, I’ve got Mary Thurston as a guest, she’s a cultural anthropologist who has specialized in the history of companion animals for over 25 years.


“No human race is superior; no religious faith is inferior. All collective judgments are wrong. Only racists make them”  -Elie Wiesel

How we cook it really matters

When I was in school, we talked a lot about how cooking affects food.

What to do when you have a big case of the F___-it’s

We all get like this from time to time and this is a great time of year for it.

It’s Giving Tuesday!

Today is the day to donate to your favorite charity.

Today on Animal Instinct, backyard goats!

Today, we’re repeating one of my favorite episodes, if you’ve ever thought about getting a few goats you’re gonna want to tune in. 

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