There’s a new potato…..

A new potato? And it ain’t great.

They’re working on a new GMO potato that won’t turn brown after being cut as well as some other things, these products scare the crap out of me. Food is supposed to oxidize when it’s exposed to air and it worries me when it doesn’t.

Here’s an article from Real Pharmacy dot com called “This is How to Know If You’re Eating The New GMO Potato.” Read it, it’ll give you all the dirt about this new potato.

I swear I’ve gotten some of these already, I cut a potato in half  a few months ago and it never oxidized, it freaked me out then & now it does even more. I hate that these foods can be released with minimal testing, it makes no sense to me but then I’m not trying to “feed the world.” I wish that statement was true but that’s another post.

Know what you’re eating and help to get GMO’s labeled in this country, it’s going to be up to us to make that happen.

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