Ah, soup.

Sorry this post is late, I’ve been chopping up a bunch of veggies to make soup in my crock pot. ┬áSoup is something I crave this time of year, it’s cheap, easy to make and really healthy. Of course it depends on the ingredients, but when it comes to veggie, nothing’s easier.

For example, I’ve got 5 beets, a potato, a leek, some water, some smoked sea salt and a bay leaf in the pot, that’s it. I may add some garlic later, but that’s all I need to make some killer soup, I’ll have about 8 cups once it’s done, total cost? About 6 bucks.

Soup is also great for nutrients, it’s easier for our bodies to absorb them because they’re already in liquid form. Now of course there are soups full of cheese and cream that are delicious but far from healthy, I’m not talking about those. Real home made soup is an elixir, it cures, strengthens and heals.

Soup is found in almost every culture and there’s a reason for that, make yourself a pot soon. If you need some ideas, check out the recipe section on this site.

I’m psyched for dinner!

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