For your pets: Artificial preservatives in pet foods, are they safe?

More and more processed food is being made and with that, comes more preservatives. They’re in everything, from cookies to pet foods and the artificial ones can be really bad news.

Artificial preservatives are cheaper than whole-food based ones so the cheaper products use them- think junk food and cheap pet foods, those are typical culprits.

The Whole Dog Journal has written a super-comprehensive article about artificial preservatives and dog foods, the article is called “Problems With Artificial Preservatives in Dog Food.”  If you feed your pets dry food, especially ones found in supermarkets or chain stores, you’re gonna wanna read this.

Good food costs money. whether it’s for us or our pets you can do a lot of prevention by feeding better foods made without cheap chemicals, that stuff tends to be really bad news in the long run. Go to a small retail pet shop (not a chain) and talk to them about options, you’ve got lots.

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