Lung health

Our lungs are one of our most important organs, if you can’t breathe you’re in big trouble. The only time we ever really think about our lungs is when they’re not working at their best and that’s when we need to heal them ASAP.

There are lots of foods and herbs that strengthen the lungs and Real Farmacy dot com has written a great article about it called “15 Plants and Herbs That Boost Lung Health, Heal Respiratory Infections and Even Repair Pulmonary Damage.” This is a great piece as it really covers what plants and herbs really help.

Adding these things to your diet will only do good things, try some out and see what works for you.  This time of year our lungs need some help, adding some of these to your daily meals will make a difference.

For men- Be aware that licorice is high in estrogen so it could lead to performance problems in the bedroom. Don’t steer clear of it but don’t make it your very favorite thing, moderation is key.



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