Sick? Golden honey to the rescue!

Everybody’s getting sick, the subway is like a giant petri dish.

I got a really bad cold last week and it’s finally ending. There’s loads of ways to keep yourself healthy but sometimes stuff gets through your immune system. When this happens, you can go for traditional antibiotics or try golden honey.

Golden honey is simple to make and really powerful stuff, Healthy Holistic Living has a great recipe and lots of reasons why antibiotics can be dangerous, I agree that long-term use of antibiotics or not finishing a script can lead to many problems, including an immune system that can no longer defend itself. I’ve seen that in person and it’s an awful scenario.

Anyway, check out the recipe and try it out, I’ve got some that I just made last night, I’m going to use it to kick out the residual yick in my body. This is also great for inflammation, so if you’ve got swollen joints or arthritis you’re gonna wanna try this out.

Make sure you use real, raw honey, the stuff in the bear isn’t going to cut it for this.

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