What is your authentic self?

Who are you really? We all have 2 sides, the one we show and the one we truly are. How different are yours?

We are complicated animals motivated by others who can pass judgement at any time. If you’re always worried about what other people think you’re gonna have a bad time. Now granted, if your sides are completely different (i.e. nice person by day, serial killer at night- extreme, but works for this) you really should get some outside help to figure it out.

If you’re authentic self is something you’re ashamed of you need to figure out why. We take away from our real self when we don’t let it be and that can be rough to ourselves and our personality. For example, I laugh too loud and often in inappropriate situations, I can curse like a sailor and have bouts of insecurity and depression. If I hide all of it it makes me feel like I’m a bad person and something’s wrong with me.

Of course tact is important but if I let a ┬ácurse slip and I horrify someone, that’s what it is. I’m not proud of it when it happens but I’m not going to make myself feel terrible if I offended someone with a 4 letter word, it’s who I am, for better or worse.

I’m also extremely generous, kind, funny, helpful, open-minded and nice, I’m not going to let the bad overshadow my good. I can be too honest (if that is such a thing) but also tactful so it’s not like I hit people with reality bombs if I have something to say. When I let my true self be, good things happen. When I try to tamp down reality all hell breaks loose & I feel insecure and like a bad person.

That’s why you’ve got to go out there and find your tribe, your people. The ones that love and accept you exactly how you are are the ones for you. Spend good time with these folks, they’ll help you to become more confident in being who you really are and there’s nothing better than being your authentic self and getting love for exactly that.

Don’t waste your life being someone who others want you to be, you’ll only get frustrated and think something’s wrong with you. You’re perfect as you are.

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