All hail Spring veggies!

It’s finally starting to warm up and that means Spring veggies! I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to greens and lighter produce than all the root vegetables from winter.

Spring vegetables help to clear out all the heat in our bodies stored up from the cold months, they help our bodies to adjust to the warmer weather. They also get rid of excess mucus which is really important.

If you’re not sure what to buy, hit up one of your local farmer’s markets and ask them what they’ve actually grown, some “farmers markets” are produce stands. If someone is selling oranges in NYC, that’s a produce stand as oranges don’t grow locally. You’re looking for young greens, garlic, onions, radishes, things like that. Go for at least 3 servings daily if you want to make a difference, you can get all that in just one meal. Also, go for organic or at least minimally treated with pesticides.

The great thing is if you eat well you’ll be craving exactly what’s coming into season, I love that.

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