Eat these and be beautiful

There’s way more to beauty than appearance, but these foods can help your skin to look it’s best.

Mind Body Green dot com has some great information on its site including this article, it’s called “5 Beautifying Foods You Should Be Eating Now”. These foods do wonderful things for your skin and body and I recommend trying them out and choosing which work best for you.

Sadly, we can’t beat time and gravity, but we can make it harder for them to take hold. My favorite secret? Water. I know, nothing earth-shattering, but it’s true and it works, dehydration ages us terribly.

Beauty is more than looks, attitude and confidence is a huge part of it. If you believe you’re beautiful guess what? You are. But you really have to believe it. Nothing is more attractive than confidence and a big smile, it also feels great.

Now get out there, gorgeous, and start your day! Hope it’s a great one!

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