Procrastinators, take note

When it comes to procrastination, I either live it or avoid it like the plague so I know a thing or two about it.

When you procrastinate, all you’re doing is adding loads more stress to your life. You’re making yourself remember something you need to do instead of just doing it and getting the task over with. It can be really overwhelming and all that stalling only leads to more stress.

Procrastination can lead to all sorts of issues, none of them are good. Sometimes it’s really hard to get motivated to accomplish what we need to but getting it done is a reward in itself, it may not be fun but it needs to be done. Stinks, right?

People always say to make lists of what needs to get done. Lists are great but they can also be totally overwhelming, what I do is list everything and then divide everything out on my calendar and do a little every day. Then it’s not so painful and stuff gets done.

Usually getting it done is far less stressful than thinking about it all the time, if you really need some help, ask a friend to give you a hand getting whatever it is accomplished. You can repay them by doing the same.

Procrastination’s a tough habit to break but you can make simple changes, baby steps are always a good start.

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