Rough day? Dance!

You know what bums me out When people say they don’t dance. Why? Dancing is loads of fun and a great workout, who cares if you’re not up on all the latest moves?

Dancing is a great way to shake off a bad mood, increase your heart rate and generally have a good time. No need to hit the clubs, you can do it in your living room. ┬áNo rhythm? Who cares? As long as you’re having fun nothing else matters, pull the blinds if you’re feeling self-conscious.

Dancing is a great way to get back into your body. If you spend the day in your brain it’s nice to get back to feeling action and movement. I love to dance and do it all the time, it always cheers me up and chills me out. ┬áDancing releases endorphins and they make us feel good, it’s that simple.

So, next time you’re feeling less than stellar, turn on your favorite song and move around a little, I promise you’ll feel better after shaking your tail feathers.

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