Today, on Animal Instinct, Alicia Halloran, animal communicator

It’s Monday, so you know what that means, another episode of Animal Instinct!  Today’s episode is going to be pretty amazing, I’ve got Alicia Halloran on, she’s an animal communicator from Chicago who is able to contact pets that have passed. I’m excited to hear more, tune in at 6pm (EST) to hear the interview.

Go to Heritage Radio Network online and click on the green bar that says “Listen Live” at 6pm. If you miss it, you can get a podcast shortly after the epidote airs on iTunes and  Stitcher, you can also hear it on the Animal Instinct home page and the episode page on this site.

I’ve always wondered about this topic and can’t wait for tonight’s show, Alicia is pretty amazing, I can’t wait to share her knowledge with you.

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Enjoy the day & see you at 6!


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