Today, on Animal Instinct, bunnies!!!!!

Easter is right around the corner and you know what that means, bunnies.

Is it a good idea to get your kid a rabbit? Tune in today at 6pm (EST) online to Heritage Radio Network to find out the answer to that question and many more.

I think rabbits are terribly misunderstood, my guest Dayna DeCarlo will help to dispel some of the myths about rabbits and their care. I’m looking forward to getting this information out, especially this time of year.

So, Heritage Radio Network¬†live online at 6pm. Hit the green button that says “Listen Live” at enjoy the show.

If you prefer podcasts or 6 is a bad time for you, you can always ¬†find all of the shows on the Animal Instinct page, or on iTunes and Stitcher, all for free. There’s also a link on this site too.

If you’re a rabbit owner or are thinking about getting one, you’re gonna wanna tune in.

See you at 6!


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