Today on Animal Instinct, Dog Boy!

We’ve got a great show today, I’ve got Robert Hausmann, aka Dogboy on the show!
¬†We’re going to talk about dogs in urban environments and the challenges that face them. Robert works out of Brooklyn, NY and has been training for 11 years. I like his methods and also how he thinks, I’m really looking forward to our interview.

Tune in online to Heritage Radio Network at 6pm (EST) to hear the show live, just click on the green button that says “Listen Live” at the appointed hour. If you miss it, it will be available shortly after on the Animal Instinct home page and the episode page on this site. If you prefer podcasts, you can listen on iTunes and Stitcher for free. You can also subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.

I’m excited to be speaking with Robert, he’s an old friend and an extremely talented trainer with a lot to say. See you at 6!

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