Some info about bottled water

I remember when bottled water didn’t exist, thinking about that makes me feel old. We all drank from the tap or garden hose and didn’t bat an eye, now it’s a different story.

So, what’s the deal with bottled water? Is it cleaner or just a scam? Here’s a piece by Unworthy dot com called “See What Researchers Found When They Tested a Bottle of Fiji Water Against a Glass of Tap Water”, it’s definitely worth a look.

In a perfect world we wouldn’t have to worry about these things, but we do and it’s important to be in the know. I’m not a fan of Fiji Water, it’s done horrible things politically and environmentally to the area where the spring is, but that’s another story.

Watch the video and check out the article, I learned a few things and will use my water bottle religiously from now on. Fortunately, the water in New York City is potable, not everyone can say the same. Those that rely on bottled water may want to invest in a reverse osmosis system for the home or even for one tap. There’s lots on the market these days a Google search will show a load of options.

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