Today, on Animal Instinct, Dale Picard of ECAD!

I’ve had requests for a show about dogs that assist people with disabilities and today’s the day we’re going to do that!

I’m interviewing Dale Picard of Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities, he and his wife Lu, have  been training service dogs for over 20 years. They know what they’re doing and their organization is impressive. I’m super-excited to learn all about these dogs and ECAD, service dogs fascinate me.

The show airs live at 6pm (EST) on Heritage Radio Network. Go to their site at 6pm and click the green button that says “Listen Live” to hear us. If you prefer recordings or podcasts, we’ve got those shortly after airing. You can hear any episode of Animal Instinct on iTunes and Stitcher in podcast form, you can also listen to a recording on the Animal Instinct home page or the episode page on this site.

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Thanks for listening and see you tonight! :)


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