Be true to you

Who are you? I mean really? Are you being authentic to yourself?

It can be tough to look in the mirror and really see who is looking back at us and it can be even harder to share that person with others. We tend to put on masks rather than work on loving ourselves, that’s when things get complicated.

When you’re not true to yourself you can put yourself in situations that don’t help anyone. For example, let’s look at the online  dating world. Let’s say you’re looking to fall in love, why would you even think of lying about anything on your profile? You decide the ideal you runs every morning but the actual you would rather die than jog, why say you do it? What’s the point of lying about your age, height, weight or anything else for that matter?

There’s a common belief that “If they like me, they won’t care.” Wanna bet? I went out on a date with someone I had been chatting with for a few months only to find out he was 8 years older than he said. He was still the same guy but it completely turned me off, all it made me wonder was what else he was lying about. If he had been upfront I would have had way more respect for him as the minute I found out he lied it was over.

I don’t have time for games and no one should play them, they’re a colossal waste of time and usually someone winds up getting hurt in the end.

It’s the same as settling for something you’d normally never would. Sadly, peer pressure is not left to the kids, I’ve dealt with it as an adult many times. I don’t drink much or often and this is something that annoys drinkers. I pass no judgement, drink your socks off just don’t make me feel bad that I don’t. There have been a few occasions where I’ve been out with friends who have aggressively pushed booze on me, I barf so drinking too much is no fun at all and 4 drinks is way to much for me.

Every time I’ve succumbed I’ve regretted it.

I’m not saying don’t take risks, I’m saying lying about yourself to yourself or anyone else will be bad in the long run. And why lie? You are entitled to happiness as long is it doesn’t involve harming another person. Life is short, why not be true to yourself and enjoy it and hang out with people who love you for who you are?

Learning to love yourself isn’t easy but once you do you can be proud of who you are. We’re all flawed, it’s part of being  a person and acknowledging your flaws is incredibly freeing. It takes guts to be who you are but it’s far easier in the long run as you’ll be living authentically and that’s golden.

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