Got stuff? Thanks Chris!

There’s been a trend starting to get rid of excess stuff in homes and I’m all over this. A friend once told me “If a possession doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it.” (I know this comes from a book that’s very hot now but those words really changed something in me). I’ve got loads of stuff, some from my mom, others I’ve picked up in my travels. I used to love everything, but but then it becamee a collection of things that needed to be dusted.

The “bringing you joy” part is really crucial, I had no idea how many items I had in my home that were tied to a sad or not good memory or experience. Things like gifts that I never liked but felt obligated to keep are now gone and I don’t miss them at all. I’m working on a home filled only with things I  love, and it’s made a huge difference, both in my clutter and my mood.

I had no idea how much stuff I had came with a bad memory, everything from shoes I wore to funerals to a little statue I’ve had since I was a child that always gave me the creeps is now long gone and my place feels better.

I highly recommend this practice, it can be tough when you start, but if you get a good friend to come over and  help it makes it far easier and pretty amusing.  I did it by picking up items and paid attention to the first memory they brought, if it was good, it could stay, otherwise, to the donation bin!

After doing this I’m really shocked at how much better my place looks & feels, I only wish I had known about this ages ago. Thanks Chris for turning me on to this way of thinking, I’d rather have loads of great memories than a mountain of clutter.

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