How goes it?

I know so many people that are going through the ringer right now, it seems to be one thing or another and that’s never fun.
I’m still dealing with going through a divorce and everything that goes with it, it’s been 7 moths since everything fell apart. Part of me feels like it was forever ago, at times it feels like it all happened  last week. Needless to say, it hasn’t been a walk in the park.

Life can be wonderful, it can also be ridiculously difficult and complicated, that’s how it is. They say you need the bad to appreciate the good and I agree, even though  the bad can really suck. Going through bad times can be terrifying and traumatic but they are part of life.

In the end they make us stronger and wiser.

When life is amazing, wonderful and all that, take note and appreciate it. I feel like this actually helps to bring on more good times.  It’s the same as wallowing on the bad and searching for drama only brings more of that.

When things are low do your best to take care of yourself and treat yourself kindly, eat good food, sleep and be social. Things will change, I promise.

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