Today on Animal Instinct, Dr. Doug Aspros discussing Canine Influenza

Today’s episode is really important, especially if you have a dog. I’ve got Dr. Doug Aspros coming on the show to talk about Canine Influenza which is spreading quickly throughout the country.

We’re going to talk all about it, what it is, how they get it, how to avoid it, important stuff to know if you’re living with a dog. The show is tonight at 6pm (EST) on Heritage Radio Network. All you’ve got to do to listen is click on the green bar that says “Listen Live” in the upper left hand corner of the station’s website.

If you miss it or prefer listening at your convenience, Animal Instinct is available on iTunes and Stitcher for free! You can also find recordings on the Animal Instinct home page and the episode page of this site shortly after airing. You can even subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.

Canine Influenza is serious stuff and I’m glad to be getting information from one of the leading experts, I’ll see you at 6 to talk all about it.


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