We’ve got a big show on Animal Instinct today!

I’m thrilled about today’s show, 6pm can’t come soon enough! I’m honored to be interviewing John Rowden, the Program Director of Toyota TogetherGreen, National Audubon Society.

Toyota and the National Audubon Society have gotten together and are awarding grants to to diverse conservation projects nationwide. Many are given to forward-thinkers and some of the projects are fascinating. I’m really looking forward to learning more about this, whenever conservation is mentioned, my ears always perk up.

The Show can be heard live online at Heritage Radio Network, we just had a gorgeous website makeover so take a look! At 6pm (EST) click on the black bar that says “Listen Live” near the top of the page.

If you miss it or prefer recording and podcasts, you can go to the Animal Instinct home page and get everything from there including podcasts on iTunes and Stitcher for free. You can even subscribe so you never miss an episode!

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Thanks for listening!


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