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Go Rawlicious!

I was in the city with a friend last night, we needed food and A. suggested we go to Rawlicious.

Recipe- Smoked fish & arugula pasta

Thanks to Pete of Shelsky’s Smoked Fish located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn I’ve got an incredibly simple and super delicious dinner for you.

Namaste, Bloomsburg, PA

A few months ago I was at a retreat in Bloomsburg, PA and got to do all sort of wonderful things, including being fed by the Prana Juice Bar and Namaste Cafe.

Pura vida

I just got back from a retreat in Costa Rica, not only was it wonderful, it really made me think about Americans and our diet.

For the ladies: Life is good when you’re Winkworth

These days we’re overrun with pills, products and ¬†procedures promising a more beautiful you.

This’ll put you in a lather

I love really good clean, gentle soaps, particularly ones without heavy scents or lots of ingredients.

Molecular gastronomy = mind-blowing fun

Food is an inherent part of who and what we are. 

Hamptonites- Feed your pets right

If you have pets and live out on the east end on Long Island, NY, have I’ve got a store for you.¬†

Goodness gracious! Grazin’ Angus Acres

You know when you’re on to something so good you want to tell everybody about it but you also want to keep it a secret for yourself?

Lunch in Lowell, MA. (Thanks Kate!)

I’m sorry this post wasn’t done earlier, I was on Amtrak and had assumed their wifi would be working, silly me.

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