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Go Rawlicious!

I was in the city with a friend last night, we needed food and A. suggested we go to Rawlicious.

Recipe- Smoked fish & arugula pasta

Thanks to Pete of Shelsky’s Smoked Fish located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn I’ve got an incredibly simple and super delicious dinner for you.

Namaste, Bloomsburg, PA

A few months ago I was at a retreat in Bloomsburg, PA and got to do all sort of wonderful things, including being fed by the Prana Juice Bar and Namaste Cafe.

Pura vida

I just got back from a retreat in Costa Rica, not only was it wonderful, it really made me think about Americans and our diet.

For the ladies: Life is good when you’re Winkworth

These days we’re overrun with pills, products and  procedures promising a more beautiful you.

This’ll put you in a lather

I love really good clean, gentle soaps, particularly ones without heavy scents or lots of ingredients.

Molecular gastronomy = mind-blowing fun

Food is an inherent part of who and what we are. 

Hamptonites- Feed your pets right

If you have pets and live out on the east end on Long Island, NY, have I’ve got a store for you. 

Goodness gracious! Grazin’ Angus Acres

You know when you’re on to something so good you want to tell everybody about it but you also want to keep it a secret for yourself?

Lunch in Lowell, MA. (Thanks Kate!)

I’m sorry this post wasn’t done earlier, I was on Amtrak and had assumed their wifi would be working, silly me.

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