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Today, on Animal Instinct, bats!

Happy Monday, I’m thrilled to be starting off the week with a fascinating show!

Today, on Animal Instinct, backyard goats!

I love goats but know very little about them so I’m thrilled to have an expert on the show today.

Today, on Animal Instinct, honey bees!

I’m really looking forward to today’s show, I’m interviewing David Graves, urban honeybee expert.

A toxic sweetener by any other name…

Aspartame is a sweetener that’s been on the market for a long time now, it’s dangerous and known to be toxic.

Today on Animal Instinct, backyard chickens!

I’ve been really excited about today’s show for awhile now,

Today, on Animal Instinct, Emergency Vet stories

It’s Monday again and you know what that means, another episode of Animal Instinct on Heritage Radio Network!

Today on Animal Instinct, racehorses!

What a gorgeous weekend! I’m all rested up and ready for tonight’s show which is all about racehorses.¬†

Today, on Animal Instinct, the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery

Today on Animal Instinct, I have the pleasure of speaking to Edward C. Martin of the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, also known as the Peaceable Kingdom.

Today on Animal Instinct- Medicine Dog author Julia Szabo

Happy Monday!¬†Today’s guest on Animal Instinct is Julia Szabo, author of an amazing book called “Medicine Dog.”

Not all stevia is the same

I use stevia in my tea every morning, it’s the safest of all sweeteners, usually.

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