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No show today (damn storm) :(

The weather here is awful, we’re getting snow and wind and it’s gonna get even worse, so no show tonight.

Ah, soup.

Sorry this post is late, I’ve been chopping up a bunch of veggies to make soup in my crock pot.

Today, on Animal Instinct, the truth about pot-bellied pigs

It seems these days more and more people are into getting pot-bellied pigs as pets, did you know there’s loads of misconceptions about them?

Today, on Animal Instinct, the Hippy Hive HoneyBee Co-Op

Happy Monday! I’m excited to bring some sunshine to an otherwise grey and wet day, I’m interviewing the team that makes up the Hippy Hive HoneyBee Co-Op, located in Jamesport, NY.

Bear with me…

So… Things have radically changed in my life, fortunately I’m healthy but my relationship isn’t, my husband has asked for a divorce.

Today on Animal Instinct, crows!

Happy New Year! I’m back, refreshed and ready for a new season on Heritage Radio Network, it’s also¬†National Bird Day!

Today, on Animal Instinct, one of my very favorite episodes

I’ve got to work late so today’s episode is an oldie but a goodie.

Today, on Animal Instinct, Dr. Patrick Mahaney on traveling with your pets & The Honest Kitchen

We’ve got a great show lined up today, I’ve got celebrity Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Patrick Mahaney as my guest, we’re going to talk about traveling with your pets and one of my favorite pet foods out there, The Honest Kitchen.

Today, the history of the dog on Animal Instinct!

I am totally excited about today’s show, I’ve got Mary Thurston as a guest, she’s a cultural anthropologist who has specialized in the history of companion animals for over 25 years.

Today on Animal Instinct, backyard goats!

Today, we’re repeating one of my favorite episodes, if you’ve ever thought about getting a few goats you’re gonna want to tune in.¬†

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