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For your pets: It’s stupid cold out

I’m in Brooklyn, NY and it’s so crazy cold out, it seems to be freezing most everywhere right now. Earlier, 2 pairs of thermals and a very heavy coat felt like it did nothing, when it’s like this, I worry about naked dogs. 

For your pets: Dental floss, cotton swabs and things like that

Happy Monday! Today, we’re going to talk about things like dental floss and cotton swabs and how they can be dangerous for your pets.

For your pets: Leaving them in parked cars

Summer’s coming quickly, here’s some info for those of you that like to take your dog with you in the car.

Sick pet? To the vet

I woke up to a litter box full of diarrhea this morning, both cats are ill.

Free at 10am EST today? We’re on the radio

Celia Kutcher, the founder of Foodhealer is going to be on the radio today!

For your pets- It’s cold out

The weather in New York has been brutal, exactly how it’s supposed to be in the winter.

Go Nooch!

Today’s post is all about Nutritional Yeast.

For your pets: Hot pavement

So far this summer has had quite a few intense days.

For your pets- How to save a choking cat

If you have a pet you should know basic first aid for it.

For your pets- Your cat and it’s litter

A friend called me other day concerned about her male cat.

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