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Beautiful site for gorgeous, Jewish food

Having a show at Heritage Radio Network gives me the opportunity to meet some really fantastic people who all share a similar interest, food.

Want to learn something?

A great way to stay young is to keep learning. It’s good to work the brain, it’s been proven that even doing crossword puzzles as an adult can help to keep the brain working at it’s best.

Fun food

I don’t know about you but this week seems to be going by really slowly. I don’t know why, it just seems to be taking forever to get to Friday.

Great clean fun

Today’s post is about another friend of mine who is multi talented, I’m going to focus on ┬áher handmade soaps and other beauty products.

Still get the yellow pages? You can opt out

I’m always a bit surprised when the yellow pages show up on my doorstep, with the internet as prevalent as it is does anybody even look at it anymore?

A good day for radio

Exciting news, we’re going to be on the radio today!

Farmer website

There’s a new website out that lets you know about products and foods that are owned by farmers.

Recipe: Home-made ketchup

Many condiments are loaded up with all sorts of crap, from high-fructose corn syrup to artificial colors.

I’ve got a movie for you…

…And it’s free if you watch it soon!

Fierce granola

Last weekend I was upstate to teach a class and had the good luck to meet the owner of a fabulous company that makes granola.

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