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Not all stevia is the same

I use stevia in my tea every morning, it’s the safest of all sweeteners, usually.

Grocery scams

Do you really know what you’re buying at the supermarket? It says 100% lemon juice, but is it really?

Go easy on the scents

I had an early appointment this morning and was walking to it when I got hit by a wall of perfume.

Got kids? Food additives and mood

Today’s post is a must read if you’ve got children, it’s about chemicals and food additives that have been proven to alter ¬†children’s moods.

Fraudulent foods?

Did you know that some of the foods you may be buying could be altered? If that’s the case, you’re not getting what you think you are.

Sugar ain’t sweet

Sugar, tasty stuff. Kids love it and everyone eats way more than they realize.

6 totally disgusting things allowed in our food.

I hope you had a great weekend, I had a blast stocking up on Autumn greens and root veg, I’m also working on a pickled daikon radish.

8 dirty words you shouldn’t fall for

You know when you’re in the market and you see a product whose packaging is covered in all sorts of health claims and other wordy promises? Should you believe ¬†them? What do you think?

Scary additives

You’d have to live on the moon not to know that our food supply is filled with chemicals and additives.

What’s BHT?

What’s one of the best weapons in the war to eat healthy? Knowledge.

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