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Eat your pistachios

I’ve been craving pistachios lately and decided to do some research about them, turns out they can help prevent against certain cancers.

Turmeric is the new kale

In case you haven’t noticed, turmeric is everywhere these days. I’ve seen it in drinks, snacks and teas.

Recipe: Brussels sprouts chips

Brussels sprouts are really good for you, they also help to prevent cancer.

Spring = ramps

Ramps are in season right now, they are one of my favorite things.

Hey New Yorkers, come see me Thursday night!

You may be aware that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there are lots of events going on all over the world.

Garlic magic

Here’s a great tip to start off the week-

Cruciferous croaks cancer!

Fantastic news!

Red radish option 2

I love when Dan goes to the market because he buys some groceries I don’t and it’s fun to have different food around.

Jayme’s chic cauliflower soup

Jayme’s back with another fabulous soup recipe!

All about asparagus

A sure sign of spring is seeing asparagus back in the markets. It’s a funny little vegetable that always reminds me of a miniature  prehistoric plant.

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