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Welcome, autumn! 5 tips

Well it looks like autumn is here, here’s a few tips to keep you healthy.

Winter farmer’s market soup

I made this yesterday and will be eating it all week. It’s a little work, but it’s kinda fun and a delicious reason to stay inside on a lousy day. 

Autumn tip- thanks Jena!

I may have posted this before, but it’s so good I wanted to share it again.

Boo flu!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was sick as a dog.

After the storm crock pot carrot soup & donation info

I live in Brooklyn, NY  and have been dealing with the aftermath.

How would you like them apples?

Apples. As American as pie.

When it comes to apples, eat organic

I found an article from Forbes dot com that I wanted to share,


I love you, girl, now that’s the truth  I need you, don’t be cruel, don’t be cruel  Give me just a little help  And to show how much I care, I’ll bring you  Apples, peaches, bananas, and pears. - The Monkees

Fun bug facts

Did you know: 


“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes…

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