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Honey’s more than just a sweetener

Real honey is amazing stuff, not only is it delicious but it can do loads of great things.

Water- Drinking enough?

In the winter we tend to drink lots of hot drinks to keep us warm but how much water are you drinking?

Winter air-cleaning tip

Today’s tip comes from my husband, he’s a horticulturist.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. -Eleanor Roosevelt

Recipe: Hot cacao #2

I prefer hot cacao over hot chocolate, it’s got more flavor and it’s packed with anti-oxidants.

What do women really look like?

Our perception of beauty is seriously altered thanks to a computer program that’s used on almost 100% of women’s images in the media.

Winter shower tip

Today’s tip is an oldie and a goodie, I’ve written about this before but it was years ago and I wanted to get the info out again.

Avocado love

Currently, I’m obsessed with avocados.

Lemon aids

Not only are lemons a gorgeous shade of yellow and smell divine, these babies can do a ton of things.

Radishes- Try ‘em again

Sorry about no post yesterday, I was out of town. Today’s post is all about radishes, those pretty red, pink and white veggies that are zesty and a little spicy.

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