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For your pets: It’s that time of year again, 8 tips

Summer is here and that means a few things if you have pets,

Today, on Animal Instinct, the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery

Today on Animal Instinct, I have the pleasure of speaking to Edward C. Martin of the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, also known as the Peaceable Kingdom.

Today on Animal Instinct- Medicine Dog author Julia Szabo

Happy Monday!┬áToday’s guest on Animal Instinct is Julia Szabo, author of an amazing book called “Medicine Dog.”

For Your Pets: Food safety

If you’ve got a companion animal you know you’ve really got to research where the food you’re buying them comes from,

For your pets: Why rescue?

If you’re listening to “Animal Instinct” on Heritage Radio Network this month you are aware that we’re talking about rescuing animals.

Animal Instinct is Back!

Happy Monday! I’m so excited to announce that my radio show on Heritage Radio Network is back for another season. We start tonight at 6, I can hardly wait!

What is your cat saying?

Cats are like spies, their behavior can be covert and many times we can’t figure out what they’re trying to tell us.

Animals can love

I found an amazing article to share today, I’m keeping this short as the piece is long.

For your pets: Toxic seasonal plants

Easter is coming up quickly and lilies are blooming everywhere.

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