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Radio show questions?

In case you don’t know, I’ve got a radio show about pets on Heritage Radio Network called “Animal Instinct.”

Winter air-cleaning tip

Today’s tip comes from my husband, he’s a horticulturist.

My radio show is back!

Happy Monday everyone!

For your pets: Dental floss, cotton swabs and things like that

Happy Monday! Today, we’re going to talk about things like dental floss and cotton swabs and how they can be dangerous for your pets.

For your pets: Getting cold out? A few tips

The temperature’s dropping quickly in Brooklyn, they say we may get snow tomorrow.

Today’s a radio day!

Hey there, I’m happy to announce that Foodhealer will be back on the radio today.

Foodhealer’s on the radio today

For those of you with pets you may want to tune in,

For your pets: Leaving them in parked cars

Summer’s coming quickly, here’s some info for those of you that like to take your dog with you in the car.

Sick pet? To the vet

I woke up to a litter box full of diarrhea this morning, both cats are ill.

Free at 10am EST today? We’re on the radio

Celia Kutcher, the founder of Foodhealer is going to be on the radio today!

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