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Recipe- Persian cucumber salad

This recipe is super-easy, I made it the other night as a side.

Recipe- Maple snow taffy

A friend posted this recipe a few days ago, she did it with her daughter and gave it rave reviews.

Recipe- Quinoa kinda pilaf

Happy Monday! It’s back to school week and summer’s coming to a close.┬áTime to eat well to stay healthy as sick season’s on it’s way.

Recipe- Margaret’s amazing sandwich

Happy Monday! I hope you had as good a weekend as I did, there was lots of food and fun to be had.

Recipe: Chris’ fantastic & quick pasta

You can thank my sister later, she loves roses.

Recipe- Gorgeous summer salad

It’s been so dang hot I made a big salad for dinner last night.

Grilling corn tip

Here’s a few tips for grilling corn on the cob my way, it’s super easy and delicious.

Recipe- Pasta with shallots, broccolini and pancetta

  I have a lot of pasta recipes on this site. There are similarities in some of them but they’re all really good.

Recipe: Baked haddock. Thanks Susie!

  I bought some haddock yesterday and stopped by to visit my friend Susie on the way from the market.

Recipe: Crock pot kabocha carrot soup

I’ve been experimenting with my crock pot, this is what I came up with last week. It was ridiculously easy and by the time I got home I had fresh soup!

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