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Recipe: Killer chicken noodle soup

It’s not exactly soup weather but Dan was sick last week so I made him a big pot.

Today on Animal Instinct, backyard chickens!

I’ve been really excited about today’s show for awhile now,

Recipe: Crockpot chicken thighs with saki and garlic

This was Monday’s dinner, it was easy and delicious. Here’s the recipe.



Recipe: Crock pot chicken with sweet potatoes

I’m really into playing with my crock pot, last night I made this. It was really easy and delicious, especially after a long day.

For Susan: It’s about eating less meat

Yesterday, I put up a link on the Facebook page talking about organic, free range egg laying chickens.

1st Animal Welfare Approved restaurant ever!

This is such great news, I’m totally excited about this! 

Use ‘em up

I love that people give me lots of food gifts, I’d rather have something wonderful to eat than something cute that adds clutter.

EEW!!! Gross gross gross!

This is one of the nastiest things I’ve read in a while, good news is it has nothing to do with animal welfare.

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